Data Privacy Policy

We at (“we”, “our”, “us”, "PompousPhotos", the "Site") are serious about protecting the privacy of our users. We made a conscious effort to request, use and store as little information as possible about you. This Privacy Policy describes how we use and protect your personal data.

When viewing presentations created by others

You can view presentations at without having to login or provide any information about yourself; we may record your computer's IP address; we never share this information with anyone.

When creating presentations

In order to create presentations, you must login into We let you login with your Google or your Facebook account. In the login process, we get access to your Google/Facebook username, first and last name. We store those in our database, in order to improve your experience, e.g. to show your name in the upper right corner of every page. We never share this information with anyone. We never get access to your Google or Facebook password. Currently we don't send any emails to our users, except to follow up on support request initiated by users. We may record your computer's IP address every time you access the web pages; we never share this information with anyone. The login process uses "cookies" to remember you, so that you don't need to login in order to view every web page.

We store your presentations and saved images in the Google Cloud. Even before you share your presentation with others, the presentation web page and related images are already available on the web, but under obscure, long URLs which are extremely hard to guess. All major photo sharing applications work this way. When you share a presentation, the URL of the presentation web page is shared with others; this makes all images that are part of the presentation also visible by others. To un-share a presentation, your best option is to delete it; this will delete the presentation file and all images. Optionally, you can "clone it" into a new presentation before deleting it.

Your consent

By accessing or using any part of the Site, you agree with this data privacy policy.

Deleting your account

To delete your account, please send us an email to Or you can delete all your presentations and leave an empty account.