For Web Developers

Our presentation player is on GitHub! Read through the Developer doc and browse the demos.

Due to security considerations, PhompousPhotos does not let you make direct custom edits in the presentation html and css code. But you can save a presentation html file to ypur PC, and then edit it and host it on your own website. PompousPhotos generates very clean and readable html code that's easy to understand.

Below we've listed some frequently asked questions for web developers:

How to embed a Pompous Photos presentation on a web page?

It's super easy. Use an "iframe" html element inside a "div" element with a custom CSS style. See options one (recommended, easiest), two and three. The "share" buttons on the edit page and "my dashboard" page have a menu "Embed in a web page" that generates html code to get you started with option one.

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How to save a presentation and run it from my PC?

Use your favorite browser on a desktop/laptop/PC. In the presentation editor, make sure your presentation is saved. Click "Share" (on the top horizontal bar with buttons), and choose "Play in new tab". The presentation will play in a new browser tab. Pause it, and fast-forward it back to the beginning. Instructions for the Chrome browser on a PC: right-click anywhere on the page and choose "Save as ..." in the popup menu. Make sure the "Webpage, complete" is chosen in the save dialog. Choose a nice short name for the html file and click "Save". The saved file will show in the "Downloads" section on the bottom of your browser window; click on it and it will open in a new tab. The URL will start with "/", which means you are viewing a locally-saved html file. The presentation should play nicely, as usual; you don't need a webserver to play locally-saved presentations. Note that the images and fonts are still being served from the web (are not saved on your PC). Now you can open the .html file in your favorite text editor and make changes. After saving them, refresh the browser tab to see them. Voila. Note: to make this presentation available on the web, you'll need to host it on your own website.

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What controls can you add in your presentation URL?

You can override some of the presentation settings "at run time" by adding specific URL parameters to the presentation URL. Try this example and observe the URL in the browser tab.
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